Brief Week

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

This is a brief 2 1/2 day week.  On Monday and Tuesday students will have a cross curricular review of topics learned the first have of the year.  New activities will be changing up every 40 minutes.  There will be no homework this week.

Please remember that Wednesday, December 21st is a an early dismissal!

4th Grade Benchmark Schedule

Here is the schedule for the fourth grade benchmarks.  Please endeavor to be in school.  Make up tests are no fun.  Rest up and remember we believe in you.

  • Monday, December 12th  –  VA Studies
  • Wednesday, December 14th  –  Reading
  • Friday, December 16th  –  Math

Upcoming Tests

Please Read:

This is advanced notice that there will be an electricity test in science class on December 15th.  Our second 9 weeks grammar test will be given on December 16th.  Both tests will be recorded in the grade book for the second nine weeks.  This is also a reminder that tests count toward 40% of your child’s grade.

Weekly Homework Dec. 5th – Dec. 9th

Here is the homework for the week of December 5th through the 9th.  It is also of note that we are approaching the end of the second 9 weeks, and we wish to make sure all work is turned in for grading.

  • Monday, Dec. 5  –  Complete 1 word study activity
  • Tuesday, Dec. 6  –  Complete 1 word study activity
  • Wednesday, Dec. 7  –  Complete 1 word study and prepare for your spelling test tomorrow
  • Thursday, Dec. 8  –  SPELLING TEST!