Multiplication Sundae Party!

On Thursday, February 16th, there will be an ice cream sundae party held for students demonstrating mastery of their multiplication facts.  A letter was sent home January 26th in their Thursday folders.  Please continue to practice.  The size of your sundae will depend on the number of multiplication tables you have mastered.

Alert! Science Test!

This is a notification that our science test on SOL 4.6, Weather, will take place on February 10th.  A test is worth 40% of their grade, and study packets will be sent home in the future next week.  We will also be reviewing in class. Check below for key concepts they need to know:

  • weather tools
  • cloud types, description, and the weather they bring
  • characteristics of hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms
  • precipitation
  • warm front and cold front
  • how to read weather maps and interpret graphs

Weekly Homework Jan. 30 – Feb. 3

Here is the homework for the week of January 30th through February 3rd.  In addition to the homework listed, please find time to read at home and practice your multiplication facts until they are mastered.

  • Mon Jan 30  –  Reading Worksheet + Study Spelling Words
  • Tues Jan 31  –  Reading Worksheet + Study Spelling Words
  • Wed Feb 1  –  Reading Worksheet + Study Spelling Words
  • Thurs Feb 2  –  Reading Worksheet + Sign Interim
  • Fri Feb 3  –  Read and Practice Multiplication Facts

Interim Reminder

This is a friendly reminder that interim reports will go home next Thursday, February 2, 2017.

 Parent teacher conferences will take place on February 16th.  Please take this time and advanced notice to consider if you would like to schedule a time to meet with your child’s teacher.

Weekly Homework Jan. 23 – Jan. 27

Here is the homework for the week of January 23rd through January 27th.  Homework is required to be complete when they walk through the door, or the student receives study hall.

  • Monday Jan 23 – Reading wksht & study for your spelling test
  • Tuesday Jan 24 – Reading wksht & study for your spelling test
  • Wednesday Jan 25 – Reading wksht & study for your spelling test
  • Thursday Jan 26 – Reading wksht

Report Cards

Dear Students, Parents, & Guardians,

Report cards went home today.  Please look for them in your child’s book bag.  Also, sign and return the envelopes to your homeroom teacher with any feedback.  You may also email your comments, questions, and concerns to as well.  Congratulations we are halfway through!

Back Again Goodbye Snow!

Welcome back from your mini snow vacation!  Just to be clear, there will not be a spelling test tomorrow, January 12th due to the missed days of school.  The next spelling test will take place Thursday, January, 19th.  Please continue reading below for the homework.

  • Wednesday Night (1/11/17) – Reading worksheet
  • Thursday Night (1/12/17) – Reading Worksheet


What are the expectations for new homework?

Q:  Why are you switching the homework routine?

A:  2 reasons.  First we would like to strengthen our reading skills and consistently review what we have learned this year so that students’ skills remain fluid and confident.  This requires consistent reading on grade level and reflection. Secondly, spelling will become a station in class that they will work on consistently each day.  If you need extra practice before a test the students will still have the words in their agenda.

Q:  What will the new reading HW look like?

A:  There will be a short paragraph for students to read.  Based on that paragraph students will need to answer 4-5 questions.  They will review old skills, new skills, spelling words, and grammar.  We can never expose pupils to enough new vocabulary and content.

Q: When is it assigned and when is it due?

A:  Starting Monday, January 9th student will receive an article + questions.  They will be assigned a new article each Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  There will not be homework on Friday.

Q:  Will you practice with my child so they know what to expect with the HW?

A:  Yes.  During this short return week to school we will do a mock homework assignment in class together.  Teachers will discuss their expectations and the fact that it is due when they walk in the door and not later.

New Changes!

Thank you to our parents, students, and guardians for embracing our changes to the reading block this second half of the year. Below you will find some new changes as well.  Thank you for reading!

  • Students will only need to attend our reading & science block with their agenda and homework.  Everything else will be provided.
  • Spelling homework will be replaced with a nightly reading passage and questions.  Spelling assignments will now be done in class, however this does not exempt students from studying their spelling words at home in preparation for their test.
  • Students will remain inside for study hall if their homework is not handed in at the beginning of class.
  • Please check out our new spelling lists.  We now have four groups!

Welcome Back Everyone!

Students, Parents & Guardians:

I hope you had a restful, safe, and enjoyable break.  Welcome back to school. Welcome back to fresh opportunities.  Welcome to embracing new challenges.  Welcome back to a clean slate.

Truly, Ms. Lander