Weekly Homework March 20th – 24th

Here is the homework for the week of March 20th through March 24th.

  • Monday 3/20/17 – Reading worksheet
  • Tuesday 3/21/17 – Reading worksheet
  • Wednesday 3/22/17 – Reading worksheet
  • Thursday 3/23/17 – Reading worksheet

We also have some special events happening this week. Our class and Spring pictures will be taken on Wednesday, March 22nd.  Please dress to impress.  On Friday, March 24th BGE will host Career Day from 9-11. Thank you to our students’ families for helping make this day possible!

Report Cards

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Report cards will be sent home on Thursday, March 16th. Please sign and return the envelope to your child’s homeroom teacher. You may keep the report card itself.

Science Test Notification

Dear Parents and Students,

There will be a science test on Monday, March 27th. The test will require the children to know the terrestrial from the gas giant planets. They will also be required to know and manipulate the planets in order from closest to the sun to farthest. Also can you name the planets from largest to smallest? What sentences help you?

What is the difference between rotation and revolution? That is correct, one causes day and night and the other causes the seasons.  Can you name the seasons on a diagram based on the axial tilt?  You will also need to know characteristics that make the sun, moon, and Earth distinct.  Don’t forget our astronomers.  Aristotle and Ptolemy believed that the earth was in the center making a geocentric universe. Copernicus and Galileo believed that the sun was in the center giving us the heliocentric model of the universe.

Now we come to moon phases. Can you name all 8? Can you place them in order in a line and and in circle?  We will be practicing.

Weekly Homework March 15 – 17

I hope everyone has enjoyed their extended weekend. This will result in some adjustments to our homework, and pacing with classwork. Here is the homework schedule for this week.

  • 3/13/17 – No School = No Homework
  • 3/14/17 – No School = No Homework
  • 3/15/17 – Reading worksheet + study for your spelling test
  • 3/16/17 – Spelling Test Today + Reading worksheet for HW
  • 3/17/17 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Teachers VS. Students

Please come and join us at the middle school on Thursday, March 9th for our Teachers VS. Students Basketball Game.  The proceeds will benefit Hoops for Heart.  Ms. Lander hopes to see you there.

Weekly Homework Mar. 6th – Mar. 9th

Here is the homework for the week of March 6th through the 9th.  Please note the irregular pattern due to the benchmark schedules.

  • Monday, March 6   –   No homework your math benchmark is tomorrow
  • Tuesday, March 7   –  Reading worksheet + study for spelling test
  • Wednesday, March 8   –  No homework your VA studies benchmark is tomorrow
  • Thursday, March 9   –  You still have your spelling test today please be ready.